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The Ares territorial warfare system revolves around user-to-user competition fighting for either the Holy Empire or the Religious Alliance to gain control of the 3 regions: Hollna, Hershal and Kharon. Territorial warfare's are hosted in the zone that is currently being fought for. Nations fight to protect with their nation chieftain while trying to kill the opposing nations chieftain.

Areas of Territorial Wars

Territorial warfare unfolds in three distinct regions: the Hollna region, the Hershal region, and the Kharon region.



  • Participation conditions in Territory War vary depending on the region.
  • A participation fee is required to join a territory war.
  • Check the level restrictions for participating users.


Territory War ZoneParticipating FeeLevel Restriction
Hollna Region20,000Level 30 or higher
Hershal Region40,000Level 55 or higher
Kharon Region60,000Level 60 or higher


Note: Participating in territorial warfare are still subject to being attacked by monsters.


Conflict Times

  • Territory battles commence every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 1:00 AM UTC.
  • The total duration is 1 hour, divided into 10 minutes for territory war preparation and participation registration, and 50 minutes for the actual war.


Territory War ZoneTime (UTC)Time (PDT)
Hollna RegionMonday 1:00 AMMonday 6:00 PM
Hershal RegionTuesday 1:00 AMTuesday 6:00 PM
Kharon RegionThursday 1:00 AMThursday 6:00 PM


Notice to Participate

  • When it's time for a territorial war, a notification appears at the centre of the screen for all users.
  • An NPC (recruiter) associated with the territorial war appears in the area during the war.
  • To join the territorial war, click on the Territory War NPC (Recruiter) and select 'Participate in Territory War.'



Hollna War Manager
Territorial War Participant
Hershal War Manager
Kharon War Manager



  • If you join a territory war, you cannot move to another region until you withdraw from the territory war.
  • During a Territory War, all return orders are disabled, and only Territory War exclusive items can be used.


Withdrawing from Territorial Warfare

  • To leave the Territory War, use the Territory War NPC.
  • You can re-join after withdrawing, but you must pay the participation fee again.


Note: Participation is not possible 20 minutes after the Territory War begins.



In Territorial Warfare, scoring is based on player versus player combat and defeating each other to earn points for your nation. Points are allocated based on the rank of your opponent.

If a player with a lower rank kills an opposing nation player with a higher rank3
If a player kills an opposing nation player with the same rank2
If a player with a higher rank kills an opposing nation player with a lower rank1


The scoreboard will only show the nation that is in the lead and by how many points they are.


Territorial Ranks

Territorial Warfare applies ranks to players based on their kill and death amounts during a time of war. These ranks grant additional physical/magical attack and defence capabilities. Ranks can only be earnt and lost during territorial warfare. Attack and Defence bonus's carry over into normal gameplay. Players can see their rank by pressing keyboard shortcut C.


Kill Count Promotion

Death Count Demoted

Knight Damage 

Knight Defence

Spearman Attack

Spearman Defence

Archer Attack

Archer Defence

Mage Attack

Mage Defence

Legionary Leader15151501051051010


Player versus Player

  • PvP is restricted between users who participated in the Territory War and those who did not.
  • PvP is allowed between users from the same country who participated in the Territory War, but score points and ranks will not change.


Finding the Chieftain

Ally and enemy chieftains can be identified on the minimap when the player gets close enough to them. An ally chieftain will appear as a green dot and an enemy chieftain will appear as a red dot. Players can open the main map with M to identify the chieftains without being near them.


Victory Conditions

  • Instant victory by defeating the chieftain.
  • If either chieftain dies, victory is based on the highest score.
  • In case of a tie, the faction with the most participants wins.


Benefits for Winning a Region

  • Experience is earned based on the region and the player's level. 
  • War Rating (Rank) increases with kill count and decreases with death count. 
  • The winning nation receives a 20% discount on potions in that region.
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